A Discovery with Belto

I decided to take a walk to one of the places I like to have lunch today, and Belto was doing perfectly.  I was half paying attention to him and half to my scanner which had given me a heads up to an approaching Southbound train.  I continued toard Bruiser’s and I was wondering the whole time how Belto would react to the train fully aware of how September would have reacted.


September would perked up and become really excited.  This would mean her pace picked up quite a bit.  As the train approached and passed by, Belto gave me a surprise.  He perked up, became a little excited, and once we had finished the street crossing we were in the middle of, his pace picked up quite a bit.  Belto’s working pace on a normal day is probably right around 3.00 miles per hour.  This is compared to September’s normal everyday pace of right around 2.8 miles per hour, but Belto is so young that it will take some time to really get his pace fully pinned down.


Author: Jordan

I am blind, and blindness has not and will not determine what I can do. Everyday is an adventure, and some days are difficult. No challenge is too big for me to figure out how to overcome.

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