Hoping A Business Learned a Lesson

Belto and I were cruising down the sidewalk on Front Street in Slidell, which has a few spots that are a bit on the hazardous side.  I say hazardous because the sidewalk is pretty narrow in a few spots, and there is a drop off on one side and the street on the other.  Well, we had just crossed a street and were picking up the pace, and all of a sudden Belto put the brakes on.  I stood there for a couple of seconds trying to figure out why he had stopped and discovered a business’s sign right smack in the middle of one of the narrow parts of the sidewalk.  Being that Front Street is a pretty busy street, going into the street was not an option.  Thinking about it, I decided to move the sign out of the way.  So, I hopped Belto up, and just as I squeezed past the sign, I took a couple of fingers and pushed the sign right over.  All of the other businesses along that street keep their signs off of the sidewalk, and there is no reason that the business that put the sign on the sidewalk cannot do the same.