A Train Strikes Again

Belto is a bit unpredictable at times as demonstrated today.  We were heading up Front St. To the Starbucks and along comes a Southbound train.  Belto, that silly dog of mine, really did not pay too much attention to it until it was past us.  The train blew its horn quite a bit a ways from us, and Belto decided to get completely distracted by it.  Fortunately, most of the streets we cross are usually pretty quiet most of the time.  I say this is very strange behavior for this dog, but as I am discovering, he does do some strange and unpredictable things.


Kind of a wet day

Belto and I were planning to head into town on Thursday, August 4th, but a severe storm put the brakes on that idea. Today was appearing to be pretty good, but I was debating for awhile what to do since Belto needs to receive a bath.  I finally made my mind up and headed into town.  After eating at KY’s and waiting for the rain to cease, we took a hike down to Starbucks.  There were a few puddles to go through, and there were also some lakes to trek through, but Belto handled everything perfectly.  Belto nailed every street crossing, and his paw and pull were good.  I think someone should invent a pair of tree trimmers that can be worn on your head because it was quite a bit of fun being smacked in the head with wet tree branches.