A Train Strikes Again

Belto is a bit unpredictable at times as demonstrated today.  We were heading up Front St. To the Starbucks and along comes a Southbound train.  Belto, that silly dog of mine, really did not pay too much attention to it until it was past us.  The train blew its horn quite a bit a ways from us, and Belto decided to get completely distracted by it.  Fortunately, most of the streets we cross are usually pretty quiet most of the time.  I say this is very strange behavior for this dog, but as I am discovering, he does do some strange and unpredictable things.


Author: Jordan

I am blind, and blindness has not and will not determine what I can do. Everyday is an adventure, and some days are difficult. No challenge is too big for me to figure out how to overcome.

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