This was stunning

September was the only dog I have had who really did well doing routes without much input from me at all.  It usually took a couple times doing the routes for her to figure it out the routes and get to that point, but she could do that pretty well.  I never thought I would ever see a dog do it as well as September, but oh boy was I given a surprise while in Daytona Beach in September.  My girlfriend and I went out to eat and then to Family Dollar.  After leaving Family Dollar and getting across the street that confused Belto, what do you think happened?  Belto did the entire route back to my girlfriend’s apartment without any input from me.  This was the first time doing the route for him, and from everything I know and am told, it usually takes several times doing a route for this to happen.  I knew Belto would be able to do this, but that quickly?  I did not expect that at all, and it is nice to be quite honest to be able to pretty much start walking and know that the dog is able to get to places with little or no input from me.  I certainly did not expect Belto to be able to do this as well so quickly in the eight months I have had him.