Scenic Route Anyone?

I had just taken Belto out to relieve him after feeding him dinner, and after he did his business, things became interesting.  Belto blew right past the dumpster I was shooting for, and I am pretty sure the dumpster we found was not the one I was wanting to find at this point.  When I had turned around to head back to the sidewalk, I realized that we were way off from where I thought we were.  So, I turned around again, and Belto and I began heading back the other direction.  Of course, I did not have my phone on me, so calling Lacy to come find me was out of the question.  So, Belto and I wandered a little bit until we found ourselves by the laundry room.  Belto clearly knew where he was at that point ,and so did I.  We did a 180 and made tracks back to Lacy’s apartment without a problem from there.  Not one of Belto’s best nights focus wise, but he did well once we made it to somewhere where he knew he was.


Author: Jordan

I am blind, and blindness has not and will not determine what I can do. Everyday is an adventure, and some days are difficult. No challenge is too big for me to figure out how to overcome.

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